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Promography - inside sleeve + liner notes

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Promography - Actual CD

Recorded: 1999-2000. Released April 2003.
Musicians: Spencer Gibb (lead vocals, guitars); Stewart Cochran (backing vocals, Wurlitzer, organ, and JX-3P); Glenn McGregor (backing vocals, bass); JJ Johnson (backing vocals, drums, percussion).
Guest Musicians: Brian Standefer (cello on Plastic Love), Sarah Nelson [Tosca] (cello on Nothing but a Child).
Produced by 54 Seconds.
by Luis Guerrero.
Features: "Waiting Around" is a brand new song, and "Plastic Love" is the rare original demo. "Jaded" appeared as a hidden track on Promo 2, and "Nashville" was on the alternate (mp3.com) version of EP. "It Got You Thinking", and "Strange Day", both appeared on Promo, and are alternate versions to the EP release.

Tracks: Click songs for lyrics.

* alternate versions from the "ep" album
** featuring Brian Standefer on cello.

Liner Notes:
"This CD is "a blending of the original "Promo" and "Promo 2" discs, remastered with some additional songs from the same sessions. All of these songs were recorded as demos and promotional material intended for the "record industry". Using an 8-track machine, these recordings were made at Spencer's house and our old rehearsal space between 1999 and 2000. - 54"

* World Stood Still (radio edit) @ Loud Energy.
* More samples at the CD Baby website.

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More Reviews: 
* by Heather Howe


My Review: Firstly, a bit of background:
This is the band's second official album release. The other promotional discs being  Promo and Promo 2, both of which I own. Secondly, the obvious pluses being;
[1] Finally we get all these wonderful songs on one CD!!
[2] The re-mastering has beautifully enhanced, already addictive material, leaving you feeling completely content.
[3] The track order is excellent, with each song flowing nicely into the next - although I do have to admit to jumping straight to Plastic Love when my copy arrived!  :o)
When comparing the previous releases to the new re-mixes for both It Got You Thinking, and Strange Day, I found they are are noticeably smoother, and fuller! (as a side note, Strange Day is probably the most inspiring song written to date, and I am reminded of this each time I hear it). For me, there was only 2 songs out of the 10, that I had not previously heard. If there was ever a song to buy an entire album for, it would be Waiting Around. The arrangement is impressive to say the very least! The atmosphere that is created in the introduction alone, is other-worldly! Silky slide guitar accompanied by intervals of slow caressing guitar strums, and chucky steel-city percussion highlighting the verse. The barely-there bass peaks more during the chorus, where the injection of the spookiest (and dare I say, most seductive) Theremin arrangement is most prominent. Smooth harmonies sneak in during the chorus, but are more evident during the beautiful bridge. The song ends quiet suddenly actually. No more waiting around I guess! Stewart says, "we only recently rediscovered that one in the vaults and it was too good a song to remain silent.  It was rarely performed live, but that will change."

Having become totally addicted to the live performance of Plastic Love, I have to admit to being more than a little nervous when I first heard the MP3 sample on CD Baby. The live takes are more psychedelic, where as this original demo recording is much more moody, with a very different vocal melody. That said, it is dripping in breathtaking  harmonies, and floating melodies from all involved, and I wasn't at all disappointed upon hearing this recording. I must add of course, rave reviews for Brian Standefer on captivating cello, which highlights Spencer's personal vocals. [continued below]

Other notable mentions include the absolutely gorgeous songs; Skin, Poppyseed, and Nothing but a Child. I have said before what an amazing song World Stood Still is, as is this version of Jaded, and if you have never heard Nashville, then you are missing out on something sweetly sinister!!
Overall, the clarity and balance of every re-mixed track on here, merely adds extra sparkle to already slick performances from every musician on board. Finally, I can't help but feel nostalgic when listening to this album, as kicking away on each track is JJ Johnson. He's quite lucky really, that I'm not a vengeance demon - I miss him that much!!


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