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Firstly, I have to thank the 54 Seconds band, for taking time out of their busy schedules to answer what may sometimes seem like trivial questions from their fans, and for sending out email updates, MP3 teasers, photos, posters, and for generally being aware that their fans are always wanting more from them. They are the sweetest!! 
I would also like to thank my fellow 54 Seconds fans who have contributed to this site by way of sharing information, posters, photos, humour, and opinions, sharing links through surfing, and genuinely keeping things interesting!!

ASSOCIATION: I am in no way associated with 54 Seconds, or their families and friends.... I am simply a dedicated fan with an obsession for good music, and an excessive interest in computers and web design.

ADVERTISEMENTS and LINKS: I do not endorse any of the advertisements that appear at the top of each page, nor am I responsible for the content that appears on other sites that I may have linked to. The links that appear on this site are for fans gathering information's about 54 Seconds and any related interests.

PLEASE do not access the pictures from this site. If you do use them, save them to your hard drive or server. Bandwidth theft (or cross linking) slows down servers, and ruins the whole net structure.

Photo credits: I have not taken a single photo of the band (yet!). I have however, distorted, and pretty much ruined every gorgeous photo taken of them. If you are the original photographer, and are offended by any photos I have digitally distorted, please email me and I will remove them. 
All original photos on this site are courtesy of 54 Seconds, Todd V. Wolfson, Monica Cox, Traci Goudie, and as credited.
All photographs on this site were submitted for sole use on this site, and may not be copied or used for any other purpose without the permission of the photographer. All  pictures that appear on this site were either sent to me through mailing list's that I subscribe to, sent to me by friends, or scanned in from my own material e.g.., CD covers and magazine articles. If any photographs are copyright or are from a private collection, please e-mail me and I will remove them immediately. 

Graphics Credits: Some image masks were made using PSP Free Masks.

Australia map & various other icons, are courtesy of IconBizaar.
.gif and bullet, by IconArchive
by The Graphics Station

CURSORS: Instrument cursors on the individual band pages are courtesy of  Comet Zone.

ANIMATIONS: Most animated "instruments/graphics" images are courtesy of The Animation Factory. This site is really cool, and has different sizes for each animated image, plus versions on different coloured backgrounds.

SCRIPTS AND OTHER EFFECTS: The following is a list of script writers credits. I don't write scripts and these people spend a lot of time developing and perfecting them. Then they are so kind to give them away for free to people like me:

Dynamic Drive: This is a very cool site for DHTML effects. Most scripts are very easy to customize! Just about every script I have chosen over a time, has been super easy to customize.

V.3.01 Flash Animated Intro credits: Fonts: "Japan" by Network Pokémon, Sounds: "Splat" by WavPlace, other sounds by Nexuscom Media. Help and tutorial sites: Flash Master 
Flash Animated "Identity Crisis" Cartoon credits: Sounds: Little Music.



  • Resources: Special mention to the Were-Here website for their excellent optimizations tips and other Flash & HTML design information.
  • Web Design
    • Microsoft FrontPage 2000 - Not the greatest program, but so easy to use. I love the Navigation & Folder Management feature.
    • Macromedia Flash 5 -- Flash! My newest endeavor. Far out frickin' hard, but I'll get it -- one day.
  • Graphics
    • Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.1 --  I actually want Photoshop, but beggars can't be choosers. Came free with my Scanner.
    • ArcSoft PhotoStudio 2000 - Another free bundled software program that is pretty darn good.
    • Microsoft Image Composer 1.5 -- Came free with FrontPage 2000. 
      • Microsoft Gif Animator -- Came free with Image Composer 1.5.
    • Paint Shop Pro 7.01 - Not too expensive for a good program. I've used easier, but it's okay. I still prefer Adobe PhotoDeluxe I think, but considering the price difference, this is a bargin. There are tons of good tutorials on the net also.

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