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  Glenn McGregor (bass, vocals)
Spencer Gibb (lead vocals, guitars)
Stewart Cochran (keys, vocals)

The Story
Old Studio54 Seconds' story begins with a dream. A dream that Spencer Gibb had in Miami, Florida, in 1997, urging him to move to Texas. So he did, and he began performing under the name Jez Spencer (a solo project under a different name). 
The original members of this band were Spencer, JJ Johnson, Johnny Goudie, Einar Pedersen (Goudie). Johnny left early to start his own band (Goudie), and for about 8 months, the band was just a 3-piece. 
Then JJ remembered Stewart Cochran, who he had seen play with Abra Moore (no relation to Ian), and also David Garza (Dahveed). Spencer emailed Stewart, who at the time was touring Europe with Jimmy LaFave. When Stewart got back to Texas, he hooked up with JJ and Spencer at the ARC (Austin Rehearsal Complex), and after hearing some of Spencer and JJ's demos, Stewart then decided, that he was in for the long haul.
It was at this time, Einar also departed, and joined up with Goudie.
For a while, JJ, Spencer  & Stewart played with a bunch of other bassists, most notably George Reiff, (Charlie Sexton, Ian Moore), and for the next few months, they continued playing shows, until George had to leave. That is when the band decided they wanted to really figure out their own unique sound, and get serious - and with that, they found Glenn McGregor

The Name
This process took about a year, in which at the same time, the Jez Spencer - 4 Track Mind album was being made. The band was still shopping for someone to manage them, and at this stage they still didn't have a band name.
It was their overseas manager at the time (and long time friend of Spencer) Mark Chaplin, that suggested they pitch their music to his London partner John Wadlow (Seal's Ex-manager). After sending Wadlow a few of their demos, Spencer phoned him up. Wadlow and Spencer clashed from the word go. Wadlow was not impressed with the band being un-named, and he only liked one of the songs, "In a Box", but he thought the chorus came in too late, stating "a perfect pop song chorus comes in at around 54 seconds". Spencer thought he was crazy and told Wadlow, "We'll name our band 54 Seconds and you can go fuck yourself".
It was Mark that said he liked the band name (Spencer had only been joking), but after talking it over with the rest of the band, they stuck with it! Thus was born 54 Seconds *Heavenly choir sounds fill the space*

54 Seconds are:
[Glenn McGregor] [Spencer Gibb] [Stewart Cochran]

Guests Musicians: Brannen Temple, Brian Standefer, Earl Harvin, Ephraim Owens, Michael Hale, & Seth Orell.
Former member: [JJ Johnson]



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