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     Chat Transcript - Part 1/3


54 Seconds IRC chat - April 3, 2000
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      <Kaly>  Hello
      <Bobbie>  hi fifty4
      <TaraJackson>  Hi guys!
      <Gordy>  hi guys
      <Gloria> Hello
      <Georgette> WELCOME GUYS
      <Sherry> Hello Gentlemen ;^)
      <Voshell>  Rainy and cloudy here
      <Joel>  Hello 54!
      <ChrisTaylor> hey guys - hi spencer  :)
      <Annie>  welcome tochat
      <fifty4>  Hi everyone
      <Julie>  Hello 54 sec  :o)
      <susan>  it is supposed to be the hottest summer ever
      <Julie>  Which one is this?
      <Voshell>  Hello guys!
      <susan>   howdey
      <fifty4>  It's all of us
      <Bobbie>  Welcome guys
      <TaraJackson>  oh!
      <TerriBridge>  That's efficient  <G>
      <Julie>  I mean,  is this Stewart?
      <Annie>  nice to meet all of you  ;-)
      <Sherry>  Who's house are you at?
      <fifty4>  Except JJ
      <Gloria>  How is the new cd coming along?
      <Annie>  is JJ not playing tonight?
      <susan>  who's typing
      <lynnie>  Hello
      <Julie>  Ohh..  no JJ?  Tell him we love him!
      <fifty4>  He apologizes and sends you all his best
      <Julie>  Who is filling in?
      <lynnie>  Give him our best too.
      <Bobbie>  he's forgiven
      <Georgette>  maybe next time<G>
      <fifty4>  Michael Hale is sitting in with us tonight
      <lynnie>  that's an idea.
      <Voshell>  that's ok
      <Annie>  Hi
      <Annie>  scool
      <lynnie>  Good.
      <Sherry>  Hi Michael ;^)
      <Georgette>  Hi Michael
      <lynnie>  are you ready for this guys?
      <fifty4>  We may also have a cellist, Brian
      <Gordy>  hi michael
      <Bobbie>  hello Michael
      <Voshell> Hi Michael!
      <Julie> Stewart, did you develop the haunting sounds later, or was that in your head (s) at the time of writing them?
      <Annie>  sounds interesting
      <Julie>  The songs that is...
      <fifty4>  Usually the song sort of creates the mood for me and I make up the sounds from there
      <Julie>  Like in Nashville
      <Julie>  They sound great!!!
      <fifty4>  Nashville is an elec piano running through some pedals
      <Annie>  sounds like a horror movie
      <TaraJackson>  Where do you guys do your recording?
      <fifty4>  We have a home studio
      <TaraJackson>  nifty
      <Julie>  Spencer, do you have a weakness for Poppy Seeds?
      <fifty4>  Except for the neighbors!
      <Annie>  lol
      <Bobbie>  do you ever make it over to Houston to play?
      <Gordy>  what equip/software do you use for recording
      <lynnie>  one at a time guys.
      <lynnie>  please.
      <fifty4>  We've been to Houston a couple of times.    Instant Karma
      <Georgette>  HI Expert
      <Julie>  No nicknames tonigh Expert!  Sorry!
      <Annie> hi Expert
      <Gordy> hi expert
      <fifty4> No software for recording, its all to 1/2' tape
      <Expert> Oh, sorry about that!
      <Voshell>  Hi Expert
      <Julie>  That's ok :o)  
      <Gordy>  thanx
      <ChrisTaylor>  how did the shows during SXSW go?
      <fifty4>  Great.  Lots of responses for "important" people
      <TaraJackson>  Congrats!
      <ChrisTaylor>  i'm glad to hear  :)  
      <Gordy>  ditto
      <Julie>  Cool!
      <Bobbie<  kewl
      <Sherry>  Guys, what were/are your day jobs?
      <ChrisTaylor>  my friend said you guys were all over austin
      <susan>  that is excellant
      <Julie>  my fav. 54 seconds song is "It got you thinking",  do any of you ahve a fav. ?
      <Joel>  I like that one, too...
      <fifty4> We all do odd jobs.
      <Sherry> lol
      <Julie>  You an me Joel, are like twins  <G>
      <fifty4>  nothing that would get in the way of the music
      <Voshell>  how long have you guys been together?
      <Julie>  Okay,  not
      <fifty4>  Been together about 3 years
      <TaraJackson>  I know it's hard to keep a steady job and put enough time into the band
      <Annie>  any "out of Austin" appearances planned?
      <fifty4> Seems like an eternity
      *Timer2 halted
      <lunnie>  Where are you all from
      <Georgette>  like marrage<G>
      <Voshell>  You have a fantastic sound going!
      <fifty4>  Possibly LA or New York or London for some labels
      <lynnie>  Great.
      <ChrisTaylor>  ny please  <G>
      <Annie>  taht's great
      <Julie>  How about Sydney?... well, it was worth a try!
      <fifty4> We're from Germany, San Antonio, England and North Carolina
      <susan>  lol or amny relationship GEE
      <Kaly>  New York would be great!  Just up the road for me!
      <lynnie>  A Southerner in the band. ;-)
      <Annie>  ok...who's the Texan?
      <Julie>  Glenn's from Germany?
      <Annie>  ;-)
      <Voshell>  Who's from Germany
      <susan>  very cultured group of guy
      <fifty4>  JJ the only REAL texan
      <TaraJackson>  LOL!
      <Bobbie>  do you all have Texas accents now?
      <Gordy>  any chance of Seattle?
      <fifty4>  We sold our accents to some passing yankees 
      <lynnie>  LOL!!!!!!
      <TaraJackson>  LOL!
      <Georgette>  LOL
      <Annie>  make a profit??
      <susan>  yeehaw
      <Gordy>  lol
      <lynnie>  Rebel talk I love it.
      <ReneeS>  I'm back.
      <Julie>  We don't get to hear JJ and Glenn speak very often. How about they say something at tonight's show. please :o)
      <Bobbie>  hope you got a lot for them
      <TaraJackson> Wb renne
      <lynnie>  wb Renee
      <Annie>  wb Renee
      <Gordy> wb
      <ReneeS>  Thanks!
      <TerriBridge>  What are the group's career goals for the next year?
      <fifty4>  Hey Bobbie, it's not you all, its Y'ALL
      <susan>  hello there
      <Voshell>  wb Renee
      <Julie>  wb Renee
      <fifty4> Hi susan
      <Sherry>  Hi Renee ;^)
      <lynnie>  yah!
      <Bobbie>  hey baby I know...I'm from Houston
      <Georgette>  wb Nee
      <Annie>  lol
      <fifty4>  Terri, our goal is to maybe get paid one day
      <lynnie>  Sounds good to me
      <Kaly>  LOL
      <Julie>  lol..
      <Georgette>  LOL
      <TerriBridge>  Very nice...<G>
      <Gordy>  one from Heather... Are thee any interesting stories behind any of the songs on the CD?
      <Voshell>  You will!
      <fifty4> Bobbie, if you're fromHouston, why aren't you at our show?
      <lynnie>  Gotcha!
      <susan>  you achive that and let us know I'll be cheer ya on
      <ReneeS>  Yeah Bobbie...what's up with that???  <VBG>


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