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     Chat Transcript - Part 2/3

54 Seconds IRC chat - April 3, 2000
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      <Julie>  Good Q. gordy!
      <Bobbie>  I'd love to see one of your shows... just never made it yet
      <Sherry>  Guys, do you go home after the show or are you too pumped up?
      <fifty4>  All the songs have stories, but I can't type that fast
      <Bobbie>  thanks for helping Renee    :)
      <susan>  LOL
      <Georgette>  LOL
      <Renee>  <G>
      <lynnie>  LOL
      <fifty4>  Sherry, home?  what home?
      <Julie>  When I'm in TX I'll be there!!!
      <Annie>  just tell about Nashville then
      <Gordy>  okay...i'll give you that
      <lynnie>  Yeah a good place Nashville.
      <Julie>  I'll crawl on my hands & knees if I have to
      <Sherry>  Home, you know, where you brush your teeth.
      <lynnie>  Down Julie :-)
      <susan>  what
      <TaraJackson>  Hi Adam
      <gordy> hi adam
      <Annie>  hi adam
      <Sherry>  Hi Adam ;^)
      <Gloria>  Hi Adam
      <susan>  heloo adam
      <Voshell>  Hi Adam!
      <Annie>  gotcha!
      <fifty4>  Hi adam
      <Julie>  Hi Adam  :o)
      <ReneeS>  There goes Adam!
      <susan>  bye adam
      <Julie>  good ridence
      <TaraJackson>  uh oh...we lost him
      <Julie>...and I can't spell again
      <Gordy>  was that a net split?
      <Joel>  Hope adam doesn't raise Cain!
      <Gloria>  Who sings lead most often?
      <lynnie>  Don't know.
      <TaraJackson> Spencer, what kind of guitar (s) do you prefer to play?
      <Julie>  Spencer
      <fifty4>  Spencer sings most of the lead
      <Gloria>  thanks
      <fifty4>  Tara, I play Les Paul mostly
      <lynnie>  Julie knows, hey just ask Julie. :-)
      <Julie>  Is that you Stewart  on Backing vocals?
      <Georgette>  how do you pick who sings lead?
      <TaraJackson>  good choice Spencer!  I like those too
      <fifty4>  That's Stewart on the backups
      <Julie>  Well I don't know everything...yet!
      <fifty4>  Especially the high whiney ones
      <Annie>  lol
      <lynnie>  But you are trying right sweetie. :-)
      <fifty4>  JJ sings backup as well
      <Gloria>  Good!!
      <Julie>   lol..
      <Gloria>  Do you all write the songs?
      <TaraJackson>  At what age did you guys become interested in music?
      <Julie>  What makes you think you have a whiney voice?
      <fifty4>  We write the songs that make the young girls cry
      <Gloria>  LOL
      <Julie>  It sound great to me  :o)
      <TerriBridge>  LOL!!!!!
      <TaraJackson>  awwww
      <lynnie>  I knew it
      <fifty4>  No wait,  that was Barry Manilow
      <Annie>  so do you all come up with a storyline together?  
      <Julie> original
      <Gordy>  o my gaud!
      <lynnie>  Yes it was.
      <susan>  I know a few of the here in Nova Scotia but they cry about everything
      <Gloria>  Barry was before your time!
      <fifty4>  We don't have to come up with a story line.  Our lives pretty much do that for us
      <Gordy>  actually written by bruce johnston about brian Wilson
      <Annie.  cool
      <lynnie>  Great guy.
      <fifty4>  no shit
      <Gloria>  Life on music!
      <lynnie>  ok ok
      <Voshell>  When will your new album be out?
      <Julie>  yes please  !!
      <Annie>  you took my question
      <Julie>  lol...
      <Annie>  lol
      <fifty4>  We're hoping the live CD will be out June or July
      <Voshell>  sorry Annie!
      <susan>  live by the seat of your pants do you  ???  Is all of your lives an adventure
      <Annie>  no prob
      <Georgette>  COOL
      <Gloria>  Fantastic
      <Voshell>  I hope so!
      <Gordy>  any new songs on the live CD?
      <fifty4>  Lots of new stuff live.  Sometimes we make it up right on thw spot
      <TaraJackson>  cool!
      <Gordy>  cool
      <Gloria>  Pure gift
      <susan> that works
      <lynnie>  Just reach right out and grab it out of mid air sorta.
      <Annie>  hehe
      <Julie>  oooh.  that reminds me, do you ad lib the intros of the songs, or have you  rehearsed them prior to the show?
      <fifty4>  Some intros have a basic structure, but we improvise where it goes from there
      <lynnie>  Hi Murf
      <ReneeS>  Hello Murf!
      <Georgette>  HI mary rose
      <fifty4>  Hi murf
      <Gloria>  Hi Mary
      <Voshell>  Hi Murf
      <Gordy>  hi murf
      <Sherry>  Hi Mary Rose ;^)
      <Julie>  They always sound great.  I like how you change them around.

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