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     Chat Transcript - Part 3/3

54 Seconds IRC chat - April 3, 2000
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      <Julie>  Hi Murf!
      <fifty4>  hey renee
      <ReneeS>  Hiya!!  <G>
      <Julie>  Is thaT YOU mARY rOSE?
      <fifty4>  What's up kleenex
      <Murf>  Hi
      <Murf>  Yes, that is me
      <ReneeS>  ROTF!!!!   Got one here, Spen!
      <Julie>  Long time no see  :o)
      <Murf>  am I late?
      <Julie>  A little late
      <lynnie>  Just a little bit.
      <Murf>  I know, what have you been up too?
      <Fifty4>  Not too late
      <TaraJackson>  kleenex?  I  think there's a story behind this LOL!
      <fifty4>  Or as my dad says, you're not late till you get there
      <Bobbie>  it's never too late
      <susan>  so tell
      <ReneeS>  YEs,  and we WON'T go into it!!!
      <Julie>  lol..
      <ReneeS>  Hehehehe!!
      <Julie>  Who's the funniest?
      <fifty4>  the funniest looking?
      <TaraJackson>  LOL!
      <Annie> lol
      <lynnie> LOL!!!
      <Julie>  No, you're all good looking.  Too much so!!!
      <Gloria>  Humor?
      <Murf>  I rushed from the Doctor's office
      <TaraJackson>  oh my Mary rose
      <Julie> How thinks they're the funniest
      <Julie>  Are you alright Mary Rose?
      <fifty4>  Hey ya'll we have to go meet with Michael and soundcheck in about 10 more minutes
      <<Gordy>  To all the band members... What is your favorite album?  (your own doesn't count)
      <TaraJackson>  you're busy
      <Gloria> No!
      <lynnie>  Yes
      <Sherry>  Do you let your fans attend the sound check?
      <Annie>  that's cool guys
      <Murf>  Did anyone ask if they are going to perform in San Antonio?
      <Bobbie>  Byee guys...nice talking to ya'll
      <ReneeS>  We'll have to do this again soon!
      <lynnie>  Not yet
      <Murf>  Yes,  just tummy problems
      <Georgette>  well before you go we want to thank you for coming and hope we can do it again sometime
      <Julie>  I'll be listening tonight!!
      <Joel>  Bye 54's!
      <TaraJackson>  Yes BIG thanks!
      <Annie>  thanks for coming Stewart, Spencer, Glenn
      <susan>  chow it been nice
      <fifty4>  Stewart: Blue Valentine by Tom Waits,   SPencer: Court and Spark   Glenn: Twelve Rounds
      <ReneeS>  See you soon!!
      <lynnie>  IT's been fun.
      <Julie>  Thank you so much for chatting with us!!
      <Gordy>  thanx from me and Geoff (and Heather of course)
      <Voshell>  I love your cd!!  Thanks for talking with us!
      <Gloria>  awesome meeting you guys!
      <Sherry>  Bye Gentlemen :^)
      <fifty4>  We're going to have a limited release CD on the web site
      <TaraJackson>  wow!
      <lynnie>  Thank all of you for making this a great chat.
      <Bobbie>  come back to Houston soon
      <TerriBridge>  Great!
      <Georgette>  looking forward to it
      <fifty4>  Its the promo we've been sending out to labels
      <Murf>  I missed it all?
      <Julie>  Spencer, some of your lyrics ar so sad, do you want me to swim over there and comfort you?
      <Gordy>  alright!
      <TaraJackson>  LOL Julie
      <lynnie>  LOL
      <susan>  lol oh dear
      <Gordy> lol
      <Murf>  come to San Antonio
      <fifty4>  Available to fans only.   Signed and numbered
      <Voshell>  LOL JULIE
      <Annie>  love to have it
      <ReneeS>  Good luck with the labels!!  Keep us posted.
      <TerriBridge>  When will we see that?
      <lynnie>  Would love one.
      <Joel>  Yes, much luck guys!
      <fifty4>  Email us for more info and we'll be sending something out soon
      <Julie>  On second thought's don't answer that.  I hate rejection!
      <Gordy>  heather has to haver one!
      <Bobbie>  hehe Julie
      <gloria>  Me too!
      <Annie>  mailing list automatically get the update?
      <TerriBridge>  Great!
      <fifty4>  We'll send an email to the mailing list announcing the promo with top secret instructions on how to get it from the site
      <TaraJackson>  great!
      <lynnie>  good deal
      <Voshell>  LOL
      <Annie>  thanks guys!!
      <<Georgette>  wonderful
      <Gloria>  Great!
      <Bobbie>  Looking forward to it
      <Georgette>  Thanks again
      ***  Shangri-La is now known as JulieM
      <ReneeS>  Thanks!!!
      <Annie>  we will have to do this again
      <Voshell>  Thanks!!!
      <Gloria>  Hi Julie
      <Gordy>  thanx alot for being here to chat with us
      <lynnie> Yes we will.
      <fifty4>  We're off to the show now.  Ya'll be sure and listen in at
      <ChrisTaylor>  nite ya'll.  good luck tonight   :)
      <susan>  well you guys will sonn be running and my kids are going to bed if I have to watch them so until next time 
                     good night and love ya all
      <TaraJackson>  we will!
      <Gloria>  Bye!
      <TerriBridge>  Will do!
      <ReneeS>  Kewl!
      <JulieM>  ignore that other girl, I got booted and now I can't use my name
      <lynnie>  Have a good time.
      <Bobbie>  break a leg!
      <Joel>  Good night!
      <Georgette> we will
      <Annie>  have a great show!
      <Georgette>  have a great show
      <JulieM>  What did I miss?
      <Murf>  When will you guys be coming to San Antonio!!!!!!!!!!1
      <TaraJackson>  everything...JK
      <fifty4>  Thanks again everyone.  bye
      <Julie>  We will be there  <G>
      <lynnie>  Bye
      <Georgette>  bye
      <TerriBridge>  Bye!
      <Sherry>  bye
      <Bobbie>  bye
      <ReneeS>  Ta Ta
      <TaraJackson>  COOL
      <Gordy>  bye
      <JulieM>  Bye Thanks again  !!
      <Voshell>  bye!
      <Bobbie>  well that was fun
      <lynnie>  YES!!!!!!!!!!!1

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