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    Inspirations - Part 1/4

KO.OP Radio 91.7 Interview transcript - 28th April, 2001.
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On the 28th April, 2001, Stewart & Spencer were the "in studio guest artists" for the "Inspirations" segment on KO.OP radio. The following is a transcript of the program for that day, which lasted just inside the hour, and is in 4 parts.


[Recorded celebrity intro]

Bad Andy: Alright everybody. You're listening to 91.7 KO.OP. This is "Inspirations". In the studio with us today is 54 Seconds. We'll be getting to them in a second. They're going to be sharing some of their stuff live, and some of their inspirations, and a bunch of their music. 
[upcoming concert dates around town for the week
And of course tonight we're going to go ahead with the shameless promotion. We've got 54 Seconds. They're going to be playing Sister 7's farewell concert. This tonight - Saturday, over at La Zona Rosa. [continues with the other show plugs]
So without any further ado, we're going to go right into the music here, with 54 Seconds.

Photograph (song)

Andy: 91.7 KOOP Austin. This is Inspirations, and in the studio with us today is 54 Seconds. You guys want to say hello?

Stewart: How do

Spencer: How ya doin'

Andy: So we heard one of your tracks here - Photograph, off of your latest CD. I was wondering if you could tell us a little about the song.

Spencer: The CD isn't really that new anymore. actually, we did it about 2 ago, we cut that tune. 2-2 years ago.... and did it down, actually at The Congress House and The Hit Shack. We did a bunch of that stuff. We're in the studio right now, doing our new record, which should be out in about a month and a half.
That tune still sounds pretty cool I think.

Stewart: Yeah it does. Isn't that the one we wrote at the ARC (Austin Rehearsal Complex)

Spencer: Yeah.

Stewart: Yeah, we all just came up with it at the same time.

Spencer: Yeah, and Jaded also was another one.

Stewart: Right.

Spencer: Jaded was writing, in like, 10 minuets. We were still writing the lyrics before we sang. It was one of those.

Andy: Is that typical? Do you usually just find yourself inspired for a song., and then you sit down and you write it real quick, and you just have it?

Spencer: Yes... I think it's both ways. There's no set way to the way this band writes. I'll write a lot of stuff, and I purposely don't finish songs anymore, because I know that people are going to come up with stuff that's really cool.... and then everyone else will have ideas that they want to work on. Or we'll come up with something all at once, and it will be like, 10 minutes, and it's done, and we're like "Wow, that's so cool!". -- but you never could have done that by yourself.

Stewart: Yeah, Spencer will bring in ideas for songs on the guitar, and then I'll tell him that the chords are all wrong. So I have to change it (laughs)

Spencer: But then sometimes I show him how to play them on keys.

Stewart: Of course I have to tell him what the keys are.

Spencer: That's true. (all laugh)

Andy: So you guys have been playing here in Austin for a long while. I wanted just to get your idea.. how would you describe your music to us?

Spencer: We played a show last week, with Cloudtalk ..

Stewart: Yeah

Spencer: ...who are a band here in town. I don't know if you've heard of them, but they're really pretty cool... and they were there with some friends who hadn't heard us. This lady asked us, "how would you describe your music?". I just thought about it for a second, and it's psychedelic, but kind of melancholy, and that was all I could really come up with.. but what was interesting was, they described their music the same way. That's what that guy Tommy was saying... and they are! It is kind of sad, a lot of it, but it's intense.

Stewart: We don't get asked to play a lot of weddings

Spencer: No

(all laugh)

Andy: That's probably a good thing. So tell us a little about this show, that's going to be going on tonight.

Stewart: Tonight is down at La Zona Rosa, is one of Sister 7's.. It's their final show. Their farewell show. We've been friends with them for a long while, and they asked us to come along. i think it's gonna be, you know...

Spencer: I think it'll be a crazy time. It's really sad that they're breaking up, but all of their solo projects sound like they're a cool thing. [to Stewart] You played on Patrice's (Pike) record didn't you?

Stewart: Right!

Spencer: So...  (?)

Andy: Alright, now that you've given us that introduction, do you want to share with us a sample of what we're going to hear tonight?

Spencer: Umm.. Live you mean? (laughs). Yeah, of course there are two other guys in the band... so it wouldn't sound quiet like this. This is a tune called poppy seed.

Poppy Seed (live in the studio)



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