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   BigJam Interview Transcript

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(1st week of) March, 2000 - Saxon Pub

RONNA: Welcome to the Back Lounge at the Saxon Pub.  It's Ronna here once again, for the last time this evening, boo hoo.
But I do have some great guys to talk to. Starting with a band that we are going to see next week, and I'm so excited about seeing these guys, and I know you are going to be too.
They're called 54 Seconds, and I'm gonna go down the road, so they can introduce themselves to you. Starting with .. Mr. J.J.

 J.J: Ginger Burns

 RONNA: That was sweet.

SPENCER: Yeah, I'm Spencer.

RONNA: Yeah, and I'm Ronna, I'm not in the band.

STEWART: I'm Stewart

GLENN: Glenn

RONNA: Okay, Glenn is the wrestling fan, that's how you can kind of separate him from the rest of the guys. Right? Yeah, wrestling guy. 


RONNA: Right! Loves wrestling. I don't know, maybe that's on the webpage. I'm not really sure.
Speaking of which, these guys, do have a webpage right?

SPENCER: Yeah, it's ahh, ummm ... it's a webpage.

RONNA: 54, the number 54... seconds dot comm. (gesturing to Spen) He's like really being difficult tonight -- But actually, if you ever want to find out how to get there, if you haven't written that down, you can come to BigJam.Com and we'll show you how to get there. Right? 

SPEN: Yeah

RONNA: So you guys have a lot on right now, as far as gigs go.. and ahh....(laugh) They're whispering about me... So I'm going to ask you...

STEW: We're talking about you. 

  RONNA: I know, I can tell! They're not very nice to me (laugh)
... So tell us about you upcoming SXSW stuff.

STEW: Well... We've got a busy week for SXSW. 
On Monday night, we're doing our regular show at the Speakeasy.
Tuesday, we're doing a show that's part of a film conference at The Mercury on 6th Street & that's gonna be a big, extravaganza -- Very Psychedelic show. 
And Wednesday, we're playing at the airport... They're setting up a stage. Having a bunch of bands come in, while all the people arrive in town.

 RONNA: All the zig zacks come in?

STEW: Yeah right! People will...

RONNA: A welcome wagon right?! That's a big Texas thing. Yeah?

STEW: Yeah. People will be flying in and going .. "Huh, what's that over there?! hmmm... "
...And then Thursday is our actual music showcase at The Speakeasy.

RONNA: Okay, so what time does your showcase start, because there's going to be tons of people in town, with tons of shows, so they need to get to this one. What time's your show start?

STEW: Ten O'clock. Ten O'clock.

 RONNA: So 10:00 at the Speakeasy ... and by the way, speaking of Speakeasy. These guys play there every Monday night. They do a regular show there. What time's your regular show there Spencer?

SPEN: 9:30 - 9:45 we start, and we play until, you know, 12:30 - two sets.

RONNA: Do you all have a job or somebody that you usually play with?

ALL: Just us.

RONNA: Just you guys. Okay... What's That?

J.J: The stage at the Speakeasy... We just .. play with ourselves.

RONNA: Well that sounds like a real interesting show to see. Anyway... 
So we'll take that in every Monday night.
You guys also have a cd out, that I know about that. I think we spoke about that before. You're working on a new EP, is that right?

SPEN: We're just working on new stuff that we want to put out, and also, we're putting together a live record from the speakeasy shows. We're just accumulating shows each week, and then in a couple of months, we'll go through them all, and pick cuts and that will be... and we'll float that on the internet and locally too.

 RONNA: We can download... you can download from their site & listen to their songs and, you know, hear what they're doing... and I guess as Stewart was telling us, as they do these live songs, they're also going to make those available. Which is a very cool thing -- So once again the internet at work is once again, a very cool thing in a lot of ways. Anything else that's going on in the future that we need to watch for? (at Glenn) Now to you!

GLENN: There might be a Statesman's piece coming out. Right?

RONNA: When's that now?

SPEN: I think it's the 9th of March. There's a.. The statesman are doing a piece on us.

GLENN: Thursday or Friday it will come out.

RONNA: Okay, so what's this about? How did this happen?

SPEN: They've just been very interested, and have been very supportive lately, of what we're doing. Which is really nice, and they wanted to do a feature on us. So it should be really cool. The interview was a nice experience.

RONNA: Well, now you guys have like a comic strip that's going to be coming on the website, is that right?

STEW: Right. We're working on that now, but we're having some difficulty with the costumes.

RONNA: Oh yeah? Really? (at Spencer) Did you know about that?

J.J: They're Hooters costumes. We're all going to wear Hooters...

RONNA: Oh you all are going to wear Hooters outfits? Okay. Are you going to wear the wigs with the pony..

J.J: We're actually going to... They offered us an endorsement. Like, they're paying us lots of money to wear their outfits. So we figured why not.

RONNA: Hey why not. I can't get a gig there for obvious reasons

SPEN: No one looks hotter than Glenn in those orange shorts.

J.J: Especially with the stockings, the nylons...

RONNA: Well I'm glad one of us can get a gig at Hooters, 'cause I can't get one to save my life. Don't know why. 
Anyway, the shows are coming up next week. You guys are playing at what time Spencer?

SPEN: Here we're playing an early show. We're playing at 7:30

RONNA: Okay. So watch for them next Wednesday on BigJam Live, right here.

GLENN: That Tuesday show, that is on the 14th... Seela & Laura Scarborough will be playing with us.

RONNA: Oh very cool. That'll be a great show then.
Cool, so watch for them for the week of SXSW. And if you don't remember all those dates & times, either come to, you can email me, or you can email these guys at their website,
Thank you guys so much for coming back to be with us, and we all look forward to seeing you next week. Okay.

STEW: Okay


STEW: Buy for now.

RONNA: Buy for now. Only for now.

STEW: We'll see you again.


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