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January 7, 2000
After five years of Sunday Free for Alls at the Hole in the Wall, Superego boss Paul Minor began a new, improved version of the weekly no-cover extravaganza last Sunday. The new setup has the first band promptly at 9 pm, with hosts Superego in the third spot at 11, and the headliner going on around midnight, followed by a late-night spot reserved for special guests, late additions, and impromptu jams. The new setup seems to be capable of working miracles, as the debut effort ended with an after-hours jam featuring Fastballer Miles Zuniga (earlier seen displaying his bad boy rock star ways by tearing records he didn't like out of the Hole's jukebox and smashing them to the tune of Joe Jackson's "Breaking Us in Two"), Johnny Goudie, former David Garza sideman Jacob Schulze, and members of Superego, Orange Mothers, and Sixteen Deluxe all singing along with Spencer Gibb on his family's anthem "To Love Somebody." The normally Bee-Gee-shy son of Robin Gibb has booked a February Free for All for his band 54 Seconds, says Minor. Could a Bee Gees Hoot Night be looming in the Hole In the Wall's future? We'll have to see what Mike Smith says about that ... (Extract from The Austin Chronicle :

March 17, 2000
54 Seconds: That leader Spencer Gibb is the son of a Bee Gee (Robin) isn't so much a secret anymore, nor is it the real reason to see 'em. See 'em because Gibb's one of the town's most inventive guitar players and his haunting songs are full of surprising depth and passion. They're also a super-tight live outfit, featuring drummer J. J. Johnson, organist Stewart Cochran (Jimmy LaFave), and bassist Glenn McGregor (Ten Percenter). (Speakeasy, 10pm) -- Andy Langer ((Extract from The Austin Chronicle

October, 7, 2000
54 Seconds - if you ever get a chance to see them I would recommend it. They too have a hint of Goudie in their sound, plus the keys. This keyboardist knew just how to set the mood for the songs. - AustinLive.Com


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